ASDSO’s Dam Safety Resource Database contains more than 12,000 references to works related to dam safety from the late 1800’s to the present. These works cover a wide variety of dam safety topics including technical and non-technical areas, history, best practices, regulations, news and more. The works also represent a variety of sources including federal and state departments, professional societies, research groups, industry news outlets, international organizations, and universities.

Top Features:

1. All ASDSO conference papers are included as references. ASDSO members have free, unlimited access to full ASDSO conference papers through the resource database. 

2. The database includes resources from 14 different 'reference types'.

3. Search by author, title, reference type, agency, year, topic location and more.

4. The basic search allows you to look for a broad range of resources and complete simple inquiries.

5. The advanced search allows you to use boolean search terms (and, not, or) to further narrow down results.

6. Users can easily print up to 150 search results

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