Introduction to Nature-like Fishways for Dams: Agenda

1. Introduction

2. Pertinent Dam-Related Problems and Issues

        a. Migration barriers of fish and other aquatic life and the broad ecological implications

        b. Dam instability and failure potential

        c. Tailwater erosion

        d. Hydraulic undertows and public safety

        e. Inundation of critical habitats

        f. Reservoir sedimentation

        g. Others

3. Evaluating Solutions and Alternatives

        a. Site constraints, problems addressed, advantages and limitations of alternatives

        b. Dam removal

        c. Nature-like fish passage

                i. Why nature-like?

                ii. Types and applications

        d. By-pass fishways

        e. Rock ramps- the Rock Arch Rapids

        f. Hybrids

4. Design Considerations in Nature-like Fish Passage

        a. Stability issues

        b. Hydraulics and bed materials

        c. Fish hydrodynamics

        d. Habitat provided by fishway

5. Case Examples and Indicators of Success

6. Conclusions

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