Classroom Seminar
Dam Failures and Lessons Learned


Chicago, IL


05/16/2017 - 05/18/2017


Conference Chicago at University Center
525 South State Street
Chicago, IL 60605

This course provides instruction on common failure modes for most types of dams and levees with primary emphasis on dams.  The principles, concepts and design standards taught are applicable to anyone conducting inspections, performing assessments, conducting risk analyses, or involved in the design of a dam or levee project.   Participants will learn about potential failure modes, conditions that can lead to these failure modes, approaches to responding to dam and levee failure modes to avert failures, and defensive design details or modifications for dams and levees to increase their resistance to various failure modes.  These lessons learned will be illustrated using numerous case histories from dam and levee failures and incidents. 

Key Takeaways:
1.  Potential failure modes for different dam types
2.  Dam failure statistics and trends
3.  State of the practice defensive design details to address common failure modes
4.  Introduction to potential failure mode and risk analyses
5.  Importance of inspecting and monitoring dams

This is a BASIC LEVEL seminar.  There are no specific education or experience prerequisites for this course, although some knowledge/experience in dam engineering and dam safety would be beneficial.   Some advanced geotechnical concepts will be presented.

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