Classroom Seminar
Plans and Specifications Review And Construction Inspections for Dams, Levees And Ancillary Structures


Phoenix, AZ


02/28/2017 - 03/02/2017


February 28-March 1 at the Desert Willow Conference Center, 4340 Cotton Center Blvd., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ, 85040

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Course Objectives   

Important aspects of dam safety are the design and construction of the dam, levee and appurtenant structures. The basis for dam and levee safety is established in the development of the detailed design drawings and project specifications, and implemented in construction of the project. Technical reviewers have the important role of checking to verify if the design meets the requirements and criteria that have been developed by the regulatory agency, prior to issuance of the permit to construct. Designs involving the subsurface soil and geologic conditions also must be adaptable to actual conditions encountered during construction as the geotechnical investigation is not complete until construction has been completed. This seminar will focus on:

1) The design review for dam and levee safety, including what is important and how to avoid getting side-tracked by non-safety related issues, and 2) What to look for in construction inspection and addressing unexpected conditions.

This is a BASIC level seminar.  Participants should have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and at least 5 years of experience design or construction of dams or levees, or 10 years of related technical experience in the investigation, design, or construction of levees or dams and reservoirs.

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