Evaluation and Maintenance of Piezometers, Relief Wells, and Drains in Dams and Levees






Many dams and levees have embankment drains, structure underdrains, and relief wells to control seepage through and beneath the dam and piezometers to monitor the performance of these features. Dam and levee owners, managers, and maintenance staff may be uncertain about the function of these features and what maintenance is required. This webinar will summarize seepage principles and terminology in layman's terms and describe the purposes and function of relief wells, drains, and piezometers. Examples will be shown of the types of deterioration and damage that can occur. Procedures for evaluating monitoring data and inspecting, testing, and repairing drainage features and piezometers will be be presented. Experienced professional guidance is needed to avoid damage, but much of the work can be performed by the local maintenance personnel using common equipment and home-built tools.

5 takeaways attendees can expect from this webinar:

  • Seepage principles and terminology
  • How piezometers, relief wells and drains work and what can go wrong with them
  • Equipment and procedures to evaluate and rehabilitate drainage features and instruments
  • What parts of the work can be done by local maintenance staff
  • Examples of unseen problems disclosed during evaluations

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