How to Make Your Emergency Action Plan More Effective






In the last forty years, dam safety professionals have recognized the importance of preparing emergency actions plans (EAPs) as an effective tool to minimize the consequences of dam failures.  In the last 15 years, the National Incident Management System (NIMS) was established and the Incident Command System (ICS) has become a more important emergency response tool.  As a result, EAP formats, procedures for testing dam EAPs and training personnel have evolved to meet the needs and capabilities of the emergency management and emergency response community.  In recent years, we have learned some valuable lessons about the effectiveness of EAPs as part of an efficient emergency response from recent large storm events in the United States.  This webinar will provide a brief overview of the evolution of emergency response and EAPs for dams and discuss key elements and formats for dam EAPs as well as some thoughts on the future of more effective and simplified EAP formats.  We will provide some tools to improve decision making, preventative actions, and communications during dam incidents and emergencies.  We will also provide an overview of some of the latest inundation mapping tools and techniques.   The differences between EAPs for dams and levees will also be highlighted.  The webinar will conclude with an EAP effectiveness checklist that will highlight dam owner, consultant, state dam safety program and emergency management and response perspectives.

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