Managing Increased Dam Safety Risk During Reconstruction






Dams are inherently vulnerable during rehabilitation construction due to risks such as a weakened/reduced cross section of the structure or reduced flood passage capacity. Successful management of the risks salient to dam construction requires proactive identification, planning, and mitigation by all parties.  This 2-hour webinar will examine typical risk categorization with a focus on dam safety during construction, the risk identification and evaluation process, and risk management strategies. These include design and construction mitigation measures, risk allocation and transfer, appropriate levels of investigation and monitoring, and emergency response planning. The discussion will draw from case histories and lessons learned considering perspectives from the design engineer, contractor, owner, and regulator. 

Five takeaways from this course:

  • Identification of significant risks inherent in dam construction
  • Effective risk allocation and transfer techniques
  • Construction risk mitigation measures implemented starting at design and carried through construction
  • Considerations for increased monitoring during construction
  • Emergency response planning

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