Relearning How to Look at Piezometric Data for Seepage Evaluation






This webinar will start with the most basic seepage concepts and finalize on actual evaluation of piezometric data for earth dams and levees. Simple basic seepage ideas using high graphic illustrations will be the means to teach all concepts in this webinar. Also, numerous difficult concepts will be fully explained using high graphic simple illustrations. For example, course will also provide unique insight into how seepage changes with simple geologic layer variations. A procedure for evaluating time based piezometric data versus reservoir data will be presented and it represents the only comprehensive method - the conventional procedure is to plot the data and then just look at it. This course also provides concepts for observing the potential for backward erosion using actual piezometric data. New procedures and standards for data presentation of field based piezometric data versus reservoir level will also be shown.

Five Learning Objectives of This Course: 

  • Deep understanding of the most basic seepage concepts which are not taught at universities or short workshops.
  • Knowledge that even simplified geologic models can still provide high insight for complex site situations.
  • This is the only procedure for evaluation of field measured piezometric data versus reservoir level trends.
  • The backward erosion process can potentially be observed using time based piezometric data assessment.
  • Provides best practice methods for graphical presentation of piezometric data.

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