Why Embankments Crack and How to Fix Them






This course is based on 50 years of NRCS experience with investigating and remediating cracked earth embankments. The presentation consists of two main sections, covering: 1) the nature of soil cracking and the associated internal erosion failure modes; and 2) how to remediate cracked earth embankments. In the first section, general information is presented on which soils are most susceptible to cracking and which pose the greatest risk for failure by internal erosion. The most common causes of cracking are identified, along with descriptions of the associated cracking mechanisms and patterns. In the second section, the two main approaches to repairing cracked embankments are presented: the “cutoff” approach and the “filter” approach. Real life examples of each are presented. The use of geotextiles in repairing cracked embankments is discussed, including several case histories and an analytical procedure to design geotextiles to span open cracks. Finally, the issue of cracking of granular filters is discussed in terms of its incidence, risk, and prevention.

Five takeaways attendees can expect from this webinar: 

  • Which soils are most susceptible to cracking and internal erosion failure modes. 
  • The most common causes of embankment cracking.
  • Methods for repairing cracked embankments.
  • Procedure for designing geotextiles to span open cracks.
  • Guidance related to cracking of granular filters.

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