Resources for Dam Owners and Operators

Responsible Dam Ownership: Information, Guidelines & Tools  

As a dam owner, you are legally responsible to maintain your dam in a safe manner, and you could be found liable should your structure fail and cause loss of life or damage to property of others. One of the most important components of dam safety is owner education. The responsibility for maintaining a safe dam is with the owner.

Owners must be aware of:

  • State and/or federal dam laws and regulations;
  • Proper operation and maintenance practices;
  • Rehabilitation needs;
  • Emergency action planning, and;
  • How to hire qualified dam engineers.

Through education, owners can take steps to:

  • Reduce likelihood of incidents and failures;
  • Reduce their own liability;
  • Improve the safety of dams;
  • Help to reduce the risk to communities
This site serves as a tool to make it easy to access guidance information and understand what each step entails. 

Go through these steps to take a quick tour of the tools available on this website and understand dam owner responsibility:

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1. Watch the ASDSO Video to Familiarize Yourself with the Tools on This Website

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2. Locate Your State Dam Safety Program Office (Click on the Map and then Click on Your State)

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4. Read More About Dam Owner Liability

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5. Watch a video about how your dam can affect the surrounding area. (YouTube, Download

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