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Upcoming Events

Event Title: Event Type: Location: Date:
Dam Safety 2021 On-Demand On-Demand Conference Online 10/01/2021
Southeast Regional Conference Conference Charleston, SC 11/29/2021
Stream Management for Dam Construction Webinar Online 12/14/2021
The History of Dam Safety Governance in the US Including Risk Analysis Webinar Online 01/11/2022
Improving Emergency Operations for Dam and Levee Failures and Incidents Virtual Seminar Online 01/25/2022
Specialty Construction Techniques for Foundation Improvement and Seepage Reduction Webinar Online 02/08/2022
Dam Construction Inspection Virtual Seminar Online 02/09/2022
West Regional Conference Conference Layton, UT 02/15/2022
Findings of the Independent Forensic Investigation of the Failures of Edenville and Sanford Dams, Michigan Webinar Online 03/08/2022
Inspection & Assessment of Dams Virtual Seminar Online 03/22/2022
Concrete Construction – Issues and Remedies Webinar Online 04/12/2022
Seepage Through Earth Dams Virtual Seminar Online 04/26/2022
Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete Design of Hydraulic Structures Classroom Seminar Nashville, TN 05/03/2022
Inspection and Assessment of Spillways Webinar Online 05/10/2022
Earthquake Engineering for Embankment Dams Virtual Seminar Online 05/23/2022
Rehabilitation of NRCS Watershed Structures – a Consultant’s Perspective Webinar Online 06/14/2022
Basic Soil Mechanics Related to Earth Dams Virtual Seminar Online 06/21/2022
Extreme Precipitation and Dam Safety in a Changing Climate Webinar Online 07/12/2022
Stability Analysis of Embankment Dams Classroom Seminar Portland, OR 07/19/2022
Michigan Failures/Pandemic – Impacts to the ASDSO Peer Review Process Webinar Online 08/09/2022
HEC-RAS Virtual Seminar Online 08/22/2022
Dam Safety 2022 Conference Baltimore, MD 09/18/2022
Geotechnical Drilling for Safety Evaluation of Embankment Dams Webinar Online 10/11/2022
HEC-RAS 2D Classroom Seminar Glendale, CO 10/18/2022
Improving the Dam Safety Design Review Process Webinar Online 11/08/2022
Instrumentation in Dams – Selection and Installation Webinar Online 12/13/2022
Northeast Regional Conference Conference Portland, ME 05/22/2023
Dam Safety 2023 Conference Palm Springs, CA 09/17/2023